Covid 19

Impact of Covid 19 –

Duty of Care to Customers

  • A Covid 19 Risk Assessment has been carried out in line with Government Guidelines
  • New England Kitchens and Bedrooms keep up to date with all Government advice and guidance regarding Covid 19 working practices and update Employees and Contractors accordingly
  • All customers will be asked if they have any particular health concerns regarding Covid 19 and working practices will be adjusted accordingly
  • A regular cleaning schedule has been put in place – to include daily sanitation of door handles / shared tools and a full deep clean of Office / Warehouse / Showroom and Communal areas
  • The 2m social distance rule is enforced within the Office / Warehouse / Showroom (to be adapted if Government advice changes)
  • New England Kitchens and Bedrooms ensure all visitors to the Office / Warehouse / Showroom comply with social distancing and use hand sanitiser etc to minimise risk to Customers / Employees / Contractors
  • All Employees / Contractors working with New England Kitchens and Bedrooms are provided with hand sanitiser and face masks and gloves (where required) to mitigate any risk to customers
  • All Employees / Contractors of New England Kitchens and Bedrooms are provided with best practice advice for all working situations to mitigate the risk from Covid 19
  • New England Kitchens and Bedrooms will ensure that all agreed Covid 19 working practices are complied with by Employees and Contractors